12 Marketing Strategies for Your Business This Holiday Season

DigiHype presents to you the 12 best Marketing Strategies for the Holidays!


Brands and businesses need to work a little harder to stand out among the competition when the holiday season rolls around. As consumers become wary of traditional sales tactics, it’s important to get smart about how you advertise! 


Here are 12 ways you can attract new customers during the holiday shopping season:


1. Shop to Give


Incentivize customers to do good by tying their purchase to a worthy cause. Donate a portion of your proceeds or a product to a charity that reflects your business values. 


2. Eliminate the Time Pressure


Many consumers report that they regret some of their impulsive purchases made during sales-heavy holidays (ahem, Black Friday). Build trust among your customers by offering deals for a longer period of time – less pressure for them, and more time for your business to advertise!


3. Learn About Your Customers


Create a quiz to give customers a bigger discount! Ask them questions about their lifestyle and opinions of your business so you can learn more about who is consuming your product/services.


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Image Description: Advent calendar filled with fun surprises for shoppers to save money


4. Create an Advent Calendar of Discounts


Keep customers coming back to your social media pages by offering an online advent calendar! Each day, advertise a new discount on a product or service that is only available for purchase that day. 



5. Advertise Payment Plans


The end of the year is when consumers will spend 30% of their money – parties, gifts, dinners…the list goes on! Show your customers that you recognize the value of their money by offering payment plans. 


6. Speak to the Future


Towards the end of the year, many customers’ thoughts are consumed with the beginning of a new year. Focus on how your product/service can help them in the future by transforming their lives. Make them think of long-term rewards rather than short-term satisfaction. 


A woman using social media to market her business for the holidays


7. Use Social Media Effectively


Social media platforms have great tools that come in handy during the holiday season! Collaborate with businesses in your community to create a gift guide, promote with influencers, and run paid ad campaigns targeted toward people looking for gifts


8. Tap into Nostalgia


Did you know that evoking nostalgia can make people feel more connected to your brand? Switch up your marketing techniques with images, fonts and colours that remind people of the happy holiday season.


9. Focus on Loyal Customers


⅔ of holiday sales will come from existing customers, so making them feel valued will encourage them to recommend your business to others! Send a holiday e-card with a special discount code for them and a friend.


Create a calendar with winter holidays for social media content.


10. Celebrate All of the Holidays 


Highlight inclusivity as one of your brand values by doing research on holidays through the Fall & Winter so you can appeal to everyone!


11. Use Video Marketing


A great way to advertise your brand on social media is through video! Showcase behind the scenes of your team, or how a product is made to connect with new customers. 


12. Offer Free Shipping


Everyone knows how quickly shipping fees can turn a customer away from hitting ‘Buy Now’! Offer free shipping on certain order amounts, and remind people they can partner up with friends and family to do a bundle order to save money.


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