3 Myths About Using Social Media for Businesses

Changing post requirements, complicated algorithms, confusing analytics…it’s no wonder  business owners get overwhelmed on how to effectively use social media!


Each week there seems to be a new app popping up, but many businesses have found success on the following platforms due to their large number of active users:


  • Facebook (2.936 billion)
  • Youtube (2.6 billion) 
  • Instagram (1.2 billion)
  • TikTok (1 billion)
  • LinkedIn (830 million)
  • Twitter (396.5 billion)


Social media can be a highly effective tool to reach new and existing customers, provided you use them correctly! 


Here are 3 social media myths and how you can create a strategy to utilize social media for your business.


1. “I need to be on every Social Media platform”


The Truth: Each of these apps has its own demographics, algorithms and requirements to follow. Your business does not (and should not) be on EVERY platform without a unique strategy! We recommend limiting to the platforms your business aligns with most to minimize stress for your marketing team.


The Strategy: Learn about each of the platforms to decide which ones are best to reach your customers. Start with two or three, and then grow from there if you feel like it aligns with your business. Remember each platform should have it’s own strategy!


2. “My customers are not on social media”


The Truth: Your customers ARE on social media! While they may not be the most active users, social media is on the rise as a search engine for people when looking for companies to buy products or services from. Infact, two-thirds of shoppers begin their search on social media! 


The Strategy: Since each platform attracts different people, it’s important to position yourself on the right ones to maximize your brand reach to new and existing customers. Analyze your customer demographic to find which platform fits their needs and wants the best, and create a cohesive content strategy.


3. “Social Media is too confusing to keep up with”


The Truth: We won’t disagree that the ever-changing algorithms can be frustrating at times, but with a clear strategy you can keep up and reach your ideal customer base. While this takes more time and energy, the return on investment can be very high when done correctly! 


The Strategy: Learning the basics of each platform that your business is on is important so you can adjust your strategy. A great way to start figuring it out is by posting content and regularly checking the analytics to understand which posts perform well and which ones don’t. 


Local Businesses Need To Be On Social Media

When you are a business owner, time is money – if you feel like you will be wasting time trying to figure out social media, it can be worth investing in hiring a social media marketing expert to run your platforms. Their job is to be informed of changes, create engaging content, and analyze analytics to adjust any strategies for future content and ad campaigns. 

Contact DigiHype Media in Mississauga today to showcase your unique brand voice using social media to reach new and existing customers!