Why Optimize Your Website?

Google is the largest search engine found on the internet, making it a great influence over the online population. Marketing on the internet has always been a trend, making it harder and harder for small companies to get their name out there. One major factor for successful marketing on the internet is ensuring your company ranks as high as possible on the search results page or, in other words: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Generally, users will click the first three links they see on the first page of Google results. The higher you are on google the more clicks your page gets, and the more your page will engage potential customers. Search Engine Optimization implies the various steps a person could take to ensure their website loads higher on Google search results.

Here are 3 helpful tips for making sure your company’s web page ranks higher on Google and ultimately improves your SEO:

  • Tip #1: Keyword Research: Keyword research is possibly the most important tip, as this is the main topic of Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, keyword research involves the use of certain frequently searched words on Google that pertain to a certain topic. Google has this really an interesting application called “Google Keywords Tool.” This tool shows the results per frequency of words searched on a certain topic. This information can then be used to implement into your website or article. But be sure to use the highly ranked keywords often on your webpage in order to rank higher on Google!
  • Tip #2: Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions are also vital in ensuring your search results are as optimized as possible. When you use a meta description, you are essentially giving Google a summary of the information that can be found in your article or website. When making this meta description, using the same keywords as found in Tip #1 can be very helpful in ensuring your website ranks higher on Google.
  • Tip #3: Customize Your URL’s: Customizing your URL’s is very important when trying to rank higher on Google search results because the URL is what you’re clicking on to go to that webpage. The title of the link summarizes the main topics of the information found on the page, but the URL itself is the code that can take you back time and time again. An important thing to remember is to load your URL with keywords, as the information found in the URL itself will play a major role in how high a web page can rank on Google.

Search Engine Optimization Is Key

As you can see, Search Engine Optimization is not something that is easily achieved but is also not impossible. If the correct steps of keyword research, meta descriptions, and customized URLs are taken, your webpage should climb in the results in no time!