3 Social Media Trends To Leave in 2022 and 3 To Take Into 2023

As we begin a new year, we’re taking a look back at the top social media trends in 2022 to see which ones we want to bring into 2023 and which ones we’re leaving behind! 


Leaving Behind: Photo Dumps


Photo dumps picked up in 2022 – but for a business, it’s best to stick to posting quality content that provides value to customers. Keep business and personal separate by creating a personal account to share with friends and family!


Taking With Us: Platform Experimentation 


As platforms change and grow, it’s important to understand how that affects your specific niche of content. Trying out new features – and even growing platforms like BeReal – can help your brand reach new people. 

Leaving Behind: Hashtag Banks


Back in March, the Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that hashtags help the app understand what the post is about, but it doesn’t necessarily help with reach. High-value content with targeted hashtags that people want to share will improve reach more than a hashtag bank.


Taking With Us: Social Search Optimization


Customers are using social media as a search engine – which means just like your website, your business needs to use keywords that people are searching for on social platforms. Create content that provides value by answering questions about your product or service.


Leaving Behind: Over-Produced and Over-Curated Content


Customers are less likely to spend on “luxury” items when they feel a pinch in their wallets from a recession. “Luxury” does not equal “expensive” – it means psychologically people won’t spend on wants as much as they’ll spend on needs.


Taking With Us: Organic 


User Generated Content (UGC) is replacing expensive celebrity-endorsed ads as a way to tell a story that turns a want into a need. Customers want to know why your product or service will make their life easier before they invest their money!



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Which trends will you be trying out or continuing in 2023 for your business?