3 Tips to Enhancing Your Construction Company’s Online Presence (Construction & Renovation company in Mississauga)

We know that if you own a local construction, renovation or contracting company, you are genuinely focused on providing quality service due to the nature of your work. So it can be easy to neglect your local company’s online presence which could result in missed opportunities! We’re here to give you 3 tips to help you improve your local Mississauga construction, contracting and renovation company’s online presence!

1. Local Social Media Marketing & Community Building

With social media marketing on the rise, it only makes sense to start increasing activity on your company’s social media and if your company does not have any social media accounts then now would be a good time to create one! According to Hubspot, 37% of consumers make their decision to purchase through social mediaThat’s a significant sector of the market that you could tap into and increase your construction company’s brand awareness and overall residential and commercial sales.

Furthermore, in today’s society, your company will appeal more to people if it has a personality and presence on social media.

2. Showcase Your Construction Company With Authentic Videos

Consumers are always looking into reviews, videos, and articles when considering whether to make a purchase or not. We can’t stress enough, how important video production would be to a construction company! If your company invests in a YouTube Channel and creates video content that illustrates the quality of your work, it would provide reassurance for any customer who may have been doubtful. In addition, 83% of consumers prefer YouTube, so having a website for your company is not enough! Also, don’t be afraid, your YouTube channel does not have to be all work, you can also show clips of your employees, work events and let consumers see the human side of your company.

3. Invest in Local SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization is key to enhancing your company’s online presence as it helps determine where your company ranks on search engines. By investing in local SEO, your business will have a higher likelihood to show up in searches in the vicinity (Ex: Mississauga, Toronto & Burlington). You may think that if a consumer is searching on Google they will never find your company because it’s new and local bu guess what? 46% of searches on Google are local! This means that by devoting time to improving your websites local SEO you will increase your chances of showing up higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing!

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