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As creative individuals, we may find ourselves with a constant desire to reinvent ourselves and explore new creative avenues. We can all get lost in our creative mindspaces once the creative juices get flowing! Although our knack for creativity can lead us into many different directions, it is important to stay focused on bringing consistent high-value content to subscribers.

The following 4 best practices will help you grow your YouTube channel!

1. Identify Your Brand’s Voice

Whether you consider your brand as a separate entity from yourself, you want to be clear in the voice and personality of your brand. If the voice or personality changes from video to video, your target audience will have a difficult time gauging who you really are. If you risk coming off as confusing, your audience will be less likely to feel comfortable engaging.

2. Create Videos People Enjoy

When creating a YouTube channel, you want your subscribers and viewers to get a general sense of what to expect from your videos. Once you have an idea as to what resonates best with your target audience, keep using that structure! Develop future posts with a similar video length, story structure, and overall look. This doesn’t mean that every post has to be the exact same, however. There is still value in variety and unique posts, but too much variety can diminish your brand identity. If subscribers watch your videos for a reason, give them more of what they enjoy!

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3. Post Videos Consistently

Depending on the type of content you post, your audience may have different expectations. If you are trying to build an engaged audience, it is recommended that you post on a consistent schedule, whether that is once per week, 3 times per week, or whatever works best with your audience. You can plan out the particular days of the week on which you should post so that you can plan your videos accordingly, and your audience knows that every Monday they can expect a new video.

4. Engage Your Youtube Audience

Beyond posting on a consistent schedule, you should also look at your other engagement efforts and ensure that those are consistent as well. These include responding to comments when you post a new video, conducting live streams where you speak with your audience, or whatever way you find works best with your target audience. Make sure they know how to interact with you!

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Build your YouTube Empire!

As long as you maintain consistency in your brand voice, post structure, post schedule and engagement, your audience will have a clear picture of who you are, what you do and how to interact with you. Once you establish these key YouTube best practices, you’ll have a foundation for building a relationship with your audience and a way to stay focussed during content creation stages.

Good luck on your journey!

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