4 Productivity Tips To Help You Work From Home During Covid-19

Right now, those of us who can, are working from home. That includes your team here at DigiHype Media. We’ve been part of the work from home group for the last 9 days or so, but for us, it’s business as usual – just a change of scenery.

4 Productivity Tips To Help You Work From Home During the Coronavirus Situation

Since most of you might be in the same boat, we thought we’d share what has been working for us in this new reality of navigating the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.

  1. Morning kickoffs: Our team meets every morning to plan the day ahead. While this is important for ensuring that our projects remain on track as well as communicating any information and updates, seeing our teammates every day is helpful for maintaining our company’s sense of community and our staff’s personal connections.
  2. Messaging/Chat programs: Having a messaging program that’s separate from our email is extremely useful, as we can have important discussions without filling up our inboxes. Although this has always been part of our setup, it’s even more useful now, as we have to chat more often on this platform.
  3. Designated Workspace: You’ve probably seen this in many articles with “Work From Home tips”, but that’s because it works. Having a designated work area helps us to get into our work mode and power through what needs to be done. It also helps with separating our work life from our home life. While these are both now physically the same, we do need to have a division and by physically leaving our workspace at the end of the day, we can mentally and emotionally decompress for our personal lives.
  4. Maintaining Work Hours: It is important, not only for business relationships – but also for your own sense of routine – to maintain your office work hours as much as possible. Clients, colleagues, suppliers and any other business partners will expect you to be available when you usually were. You also need to be wary of overworking yourself and regular work hours will help in that area.

Since we’re a digital agency, we have easily transitioned to working from home without any impact on our service to our clients. That means that we are still available from 9am – 5pm, just as we were when we were in office and our tech support is still available 24/7.

Are you operating your business during the Covid-19 situation?

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