4 Reasons Why Instagram is Great for Business


This article will help show you the different ways Instagram can be utilized as a successful social media platform for your business!

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4 Reasons Why Instagram is Great for Business

Instagram is one of the biggest online communities with over 800 million active users.

Large and small businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool to show their brand identity and to find and connect with customers on a more personal level. Businesses have the opportunity to promote their products and services in an interactive and creative manner, that in-return attracts customers to engage with their content. It is very important to post visually appealing content that inspires action.

β€œ75% of survey respondents take action after being inspired by a post”. Why do businesses love Instagram? Simply put, it drives proven results.

1. Real time metrics throughout the day on promoted posts and stories


These metrics include the total number of page views, likes or comments, number of followers and clicks back to your website from your profile page, in a period of time. You have the ability to see the performance of each individual post through impressions (amount of times your post was seen), reach (number of views), and total number of saved posts.


2. Insights on new and current followers


These stats show the followers who are viewing and engaging with your posts.

Since a multitude of users have Instagram linked up with their Facebook account, insights such as age, geographical location, gender, interests from your followers can be viewed.

3. Insights on how followers interact with your posts and stories



You can get information about the demographics of your followers, which posts perform best, and the prime times and days for your posts.

4. Include important information about your company hours of operation, location, phone number, and website



Customers can see valuable information about who you are and where you are located. Making it easier to contact your business.


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