Gone are the days of window-shopping and mall-crawling – it’s estimated that 70% of website visits are made on mobile devices, where customers will take less than an hour to decide if they want to “Add to Cart”. Considering there are over 24 million e-commerce websites available, it’s no surprise that experts estimate that by 2040, 95% of all retail purchases will be made online! 

There are many reasons why optimizing your website for online shopping will benefit your business:

Provide Online Customers with a Consistent Brand Experience

Instagram is currently the most influential shopping platform, and businesses find the most success when their customers can easily move between platforms. Having a well-designed e-commerce website provides your customers with a smooth and easy checkout experience. 

Broaden Your Brand Awareness with an Online Store

When customers have a good experience with your business, they’ll recommend your product or service to 17 people on average! When your local Canadian business has an online shopping website with updated product details and reviews, it’s more likely to be shared. 

Focus on Customer Convenience with an E-Commerce Website

We live in a world that is constantly moving, which means customers have less time than before to shop around. Having an online shop means your products or services are available for purchase 24/7/365! 

How an E-Commerce Website Provides Marketing Opportunities

A great marketing opportunity for your brand is having pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing – all with links that lead back to your e-commerce website! Make sure you’ve implemented a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to increase the chances of your site being found in searches. 

Online shopping is growing steadily every year, and it’s important for small Canadian businesses to have an effective online store that attracts new clients. Considering all of the benefits, it sounds ridiculous NOT to invest in a website for your customers. 

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