4 Ways To Optimize Your Instagram Profile in 2019


If you are trying to figure out how to run your​ Instagram business account then you have come to the right place. Many businesses rely on a social media audience to grow their brand and drive traffic to their website. So if you are looking to step up your INSTA GAME then you need to optimize your profile today!

Here are some awesome tips that will help you optimize your Instagram business profile today!

1. Stand Out With Your Instagram Bio & Profile Picture

When it comes to Instagram, the first thing you should be thinking about is how to stand out on the platform. Thus, your Instagram bio and profile picture are a great way to achieve instant differentiation. So make sure your Instagram bio and profile picture consists of the following:

  • Your Company Name
  • Your company Logo
  • A call-to-action
  • Your address
  • A link to your website

2. Post Interesting Content On Instagram

The content you post to Instagram should be interesting and make your followers want to stick around for more. The easiest way to achieve this is by posting educational and entertaining content. For example, your posts could consist of captions with:

  • Information about your services or company history.
  • Descriptive keywords about your business.
  • Funny dialogue to intrigue viewers.
  • Key information about your business.
  • A clear call to action.
  • Appropriate hashtags and tags.

3. Post On Instagram At The Right Time

The content you post on Instagram can be amazing but its all for nothing if its posted at the wrong time and nobody sees it. Instagram has a tool called “Insights.” With this tool, you can see when your followers are active and online. For example, posting on the platform while your followers are active, will increase overall engagement and increase impressions on that particular post.

4. Engage With Your Followers On The Platform

Engaging with your Instagram followers is the key to keeping your account relevant and successful. For example, leaving a few likes and comments on your follower’s posts starts the conversation. Every time you engage with one of your followers they get a notification which pops up saying “Instagram username has liked your post.” So if you post better content, build a community and engage with the community you will increase overall engagement.

In addition, Instagram is a great way to increase traffic to your website. Thus, more businesses are starting to use Instagram because they have seen the positive effect it has on their company’s lead generation.

It’s Time To Optimize Your Profile

So by creating an amazing profile, posting interesting content at the right time and engaging with your followers, your Instagram account will grow rapidly! These tips are a great starting point for growing an Instagram account and will help you grow a community around your brand. But always remember to keep the “social” in “social media” especially when it comes to optimizing your Instagram profile.

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