5 Business Mistakes That Destroy A Brand’s Reputation!

Are you looking to absolutely destroy your brand reputation into the ground and burn your business down with it? Then look no further because we’ve found the best strategies for your business to implement!

Ok, obviously we’re kidding. We know that any business owner would never want to intentionally screw up all of the hard work they’ve put into their company. 

But you might be wrecking your online brand reputation slowly by committing these 5 deadly business sins:

1. Not Having an Online Presence

First things first, if you aren’t online then your business may as well not exist! While this may not necessarily ruin your reputation, it certainly doesn’t help build it up. More and more people are turning to search engines and map apps to find local businesses in their area – so if yours isn’t listed, they won’t find it.

Having a custom business website will attract new customers, while an SEO strategy will help you pop up on search engine results pages. Combine that with an effective social media strategy, and new customers will be able to find your business easily. 

2. Posting and Ghosting

It’s not enough to just have social media accounts – you need a strategy that is unique to each social networking platform! Each platform attracts a different demographic of potential customers, and they expect a business to show up consistently. If you can’t post consistently, why would they think you can show up for them?

Posting and ghosting is when you post and then let weeks go by without showing up again. This wrecks your engagement with potential customers, which is what draws them towards hiring you or buying your products. Creating a strategy and content plan is important to be consistent with your business social media. 

3. Not Engaging With Your Customers

Social media is called social media because you’re supposed to be social – so when you don’t engage with your followers, you’re failing to do the one thing it’s meant for! Your followers are potential customers who might buy your product or services. It’s important to engage with them regularly so they know they’re valued in your community. 

Commenting on posts, responding to messages in a timely manner, and reaching out in your online community to help your followers is important! It takes time and effort, but engagement is a vital part of having social media. 

4. Not Providing Any Educational Information

Of course people will find you because they have interest in your product or service, but it’s keeping them that is the real challenge. No one likes to feel like they are always being sold something, or treated as a potential dollar sign. Understanding who is viewing your content will help you customize content that caters to their needs and turns them into a loyal customer. 

Using analytics is a great way to learn about your customer demographics – it helps your business understand why people are interested in your business and how you can switch it up to attract more customers. Providing educational information that ties in with your business pillars helps your business stand out from the competition. 

5. Copying Everyone Else And Losing Your Unique Brand Personality

There is a reason people call facial tissues ‘Kleenex’ and cotton swabs ‘Q-Tips’…they were the first. Trying to copy what your competition is doing won’t help your business stand out, it’ll only become “the next best” option. 

Taking inspiration from your competition can help you move forwards, but remember it’s important to keep your business unique:

  • Invest in professional photographs of your product instead of stock images
  • Showcase your team so customers can see who they’ll be working with
  • Create unique templates with your brand colour and fonts to stand out

There are so many ways you can help your business stand out while improving your brand reputation. Communicating with your customers that they are valued and that you think of them will make them more likely to buy from you, and to recommend you to others. 

It’s important to consider your online presence and how it’s helping (or hindering) your business! Have questions? DigiHype Media has a team of social media experts and web design specialists who can help your business stand out from the crowd! Contact us today – we can’t wait to help you grow!