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In today’s culture, having a company website is crucial for any type of business that wants to succeed! It is expected for Canadian companies to have an online presence for their business’ even if they are local. Your company website is a place where customers should be able to find basic information about your business and learn more about your products and services. This convenience allows your potential leads to have their questions answered by just a click of a button!


If you own or operate your own local business and still haven’t taken the first steps into the online world, here are 5 reasons why your local Canadian business needs a new website today! 


1) Round-The-Clock Online Presence

Having a website means that customers are able to find you anywhere, anytime. Even after your business closes for the day, the business is still able to secure new customers while satisfying existing ones. Giving your customers 24/7 access via the internet creates a seamless customer journey since they can access all of your company information from the comfort of their own home. For example, although the DigiHype Media Head office closes at 5pm during the week we are ALWAYS available via our website, email, social media and website chat! 


2) Gain A Competitive Edge

It is highly likely that your competition has a modern custom website right now. So if you don’t have a modern custom website that is also responsive then potential customers will most likely go to your competition! This means missed sales opportunities that you are losing to competitors just because of your website (not even the service you provide)!  Just let that sink in for a second…

3) Reliable Customer Service 

Providing as much information as possible on your website creates positive customer relationships in the long run. For example, offering a FAQ section on your website will help you save money and time by providing as much information on your site. Additionally, adding positive feedback to your website itself will showcase how happy your customers are and will help encourage future customers to go for your company/ brand (we have some testimonials on here). 


4) Consumer Insights

This analytics tool will help identify what type of specific consumers are visiting your site and if they are actually interested in your business. Based on website analytics, your business can start to find out what your consumers are liking or disliking so that they can adapt to consumer preferences in order to boost sales and understand how your business can improve. This type of detailed data helps highlight marketing opportunities such as grand openings and promotions while giving your local business the insights to optimize your marketing. 


5) Expanding Beyond Your Retail Store

Your website is accessible to anyone in the world! Having the ability to break through geographical locations such as a retail store, allows people to discover your business a lot easier and can help you find new customers. Whether you simply just have a traditional business website or a full-blown custom e-commerce website, websites are key!

It’s time to start creating a website for your business! Opportunities are endless on the internet! 

Now that you understand the importance of having a custom website it’s time to get your local Canadian business on the right track. In summary, having a modern website will not only help your local business increase sales but also better retain and nurture existing customers.


Did We Miss Any of the Benefits of Having A Website? 


If you think we missed any of the benefits of having a website as a local Canadian business, let us know in the comments!

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