5 Ways to Make Your Canadian Business Website More Accessible

Making your website accessible takes strategy and intention! The WCAG 2.0 lays out the international standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3) for web accessibility. 


These standards are the guidelines for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If your business has a website that is not AODA compliant, you could face a massive fine! 


We’ve separated the long list of criteria into 5 main categories, outlining the focus of each category. Ask yourself the following questions about your website’s accessibility:


  • Perceivable – How easily the content of your website is seen
    • Do you use descriptions for any image on your website?
  • Operable – How easily a user can navigate your website 
    • Do you have adjustable time limits on forms your website may have?
  • Understandable – How easily your website information can be understood 
    • Does your website use inclusive and readable language to connect with customers?
  • Robust – How compatible your website is with assistive technology
    • Can someone using a screen reader device access your website content?
  • Conformance – How your website functions 
    • If someone changes the language, does your website provide the same information? 


These 5 questions are just a starting point to help local Canadian businesses understand the importance of accessibility. As we said, there is a looonnnnnngggggg list of information to work through in order to comply with the AODA! 


Understanding the AODA and all of the ways to comply with it can be time-consuming and confusing, but it’s an expensive mistake to avoid doing! Not only do you risk the chance of being fined by the Ontario government, but you are losing out on many clients who need your services or product but can’t access the information. 


Ready to show your Canadian business values inclusivity and accessibility? Contact DigiHype Media today to talk to our marketing experts about how we can help make your website AODA compliant!