7 Marketing Tips for Your Business To Try For Halloween

Not many people associate Halloween with sales, but if businesses are smart they can take advantage of trends and working with local businesses to boost brand awareness. Using Halloween to bring in new customers and promote your business will also help increase your conversion rate during Black Friday and Holiday sales less than a month later!

Businesses with a niche in decor, homemade treats, and clothing can take advantage of Halloween with social media and blog posts highlighting how their product can be used for Halloween or adding a fun twist to advertise. If your business is outside of those niches or is more service-based, it’s a great time to connect with customers in fun ways while reminding them of upcoming sales for Black Friday and the Winter holidays!

1. Timing Is Everything

Google trends show that searches for the term Halloween spike the week before, so make sure your marketing strategy starts at least one week before. Two weeks will get your brand more traction. Don’t overdo it though – since Halloween isn’t a “sales” holiday, people can see through overly-salesy campaigns.

2. Spookify Your Branding

You don’t need to make every single social media post Halloween-themed, but adding elements can play up the nostalgic feelings that help customers feel connected to your brand. Create a Halloween-themed profile and cover pictures to keep up during the month of October for added flair to social media pages. 

3. Use Your Website To Boost Sales

Halloween is a great time to get customers to visit your website before your Black Friday and holiday sales launch. Boost your search engine optimization by creating a landing page specifically for Halloween that includes sales, blog posts and UGC. Updating this landing page every year helps your SEO more than starting from scratch each year. 

4. Create an Event to Get User-Generated Content

Host an event or contest that is Halloween-themed so you can get content from customers that can be used on social media. There are so many great ways to think outside of the box to get content without investing in working with influencers: Real estate agents can ask followers to send in photos of their new homes with Halloween decor, dog walkers can repost photos of their clients’ animals in costumes, or restaurants can post recipes for hosting! 

5. Connect With Your Local Community

Halloween is a fun time, so use that fun to connect with people and businesses in your community! Join a trick-or-treating event with other stores near you to encourage customers to visit with their kids, or create an event that raises money for a local charity

6. Use Social Media Trends to Reach New People

Since Halloween is so fun, social media has been blowing up year-after-year with fun trends that are easy to hop on! Posting a fun Instagram Reel of your team members’ pets dressed up in costume is a cute trend that entertains people with smiles. Keep an eye on meme trends that go viral like the Spirit Halloween Costumes – quickly create a post to stay relevant!

7. Get People Excited About Upcoming Holiday Sales

Even though Fall doesn’t end until late December, the shopping trends move forward before then, so now is a great time to give sneak peeks of upcoming sales for Black Friday and the Winter Holidays. Host a sale on summer stock by offering a special discount code for loyal customers to use during Black Friday!

Don’t feel like you have to go all out for Halloween if it doesn’t align with your brand! When it comes to spooky season, often less is more. Halloween is a great time to attract people to your brand in time for the big sales seasons that happen after Black Friday. Planning in advance is important and can help reduce any stress and ensure you and your team still have fun!


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