8 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Boost Your Black Friday Sales

Is your business ready for Black Friday on November 25? Many businesses see at least 25% of their revenue come from Black Friday to Christmas as consumers take advantage of sales before the holidays. It’s important to set your social media campaign up effectively to reach the most people and maximize your conversion rate!


Start early by creating a holiday calendar with the important details laid out:

  • All of the marketing campaigns you’ll be running
  • Dates & deadlines for each campaign
  • Who is responsible for each campaign


Understand your budget (which should be in relation to potential profit) and who your target audience is. Knowing how to attract each of your buyer types is important when planning an effective social media strategy


The Planner – shops way ahead and knows who they’re buying for and wants the best deal. Giving sneak peeks of sales and exclusive discounts keep them interested. 

The Loyalist – this is the customer who loves your business and will always shop with you. Using referral discounts will encourage them to recommend your business to friends and family.

The Last Minute – this is the shopper who loves a deal, but often sits on it so having a sense of urgency is important to attract them


Announce early to prepare people and get them excited! It also gives you the opportunity to see what people are excited about, so you can adjust plans to increase your conversion rate when sales drop.


8 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaign Ideas for Social Media 


  1. Run a giveaway one to two weeks before Black Friday to maximize engagement and boost brand awareness. Using a “Like, Follow, Share” style giveaway can help you reach new demographics as your followers refer your account to others!
  2. Collaborate with Relevant Businesses to reach new demographics by creating a gift guide together. Remind people of upcoming holidays in winter that many buy gifts for others!
  3. Utilize Platform-Specific Features like attaching links, countdowns and live streams. Tailoring each of your strategies is important for different social media platforms in order to attract the right audience. 
  4. Build Your Email List by advertising exclusive discounts available to customers who subscribe to your business newsletter. Email marketing has been shown to have a high ROI for businesses when done correctly! 
  5. Run Paid Ads on social media with sneak peeks about discounts and deals that you’ll be offering Black Friday. According to recent polls, 49% of internet users say they are likely to purchase from brands they see advertised on social media.
  6. Offer Hourly Discount Codes that expire after a limited time to keep customers coming back to your social media pages. They’ll keep adding to their carts, and there’s a higher change of referring your page to friends and family with multiple offers. 
  7. Offer a Free Gift with purchase using a discount code that they can only find on your business social media. People love free things, and it’ll help boost your engagement!
  8. Extend to Cyber Monday to increase your conversion rate for the shoppers who may need a little extra time to pull the trigger on their shopping carts. Cyber Monday is also a great time to introduce upcoming Christmas deals for your customers to get ahead on holiday shopping. 


Creating effective social media campaigns will help boost your business’s Black Friday sales, and introduce customers to any holiday deals coming up for your best Q4 ever! 

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