Grow your business with real data!

Your customers are hanging out on social media, so if you are looking to grow your brand it is important to advertise on the popular social networking websites where your customers are. But don’t forget that social media ad campaigns should always be accompanied by consistent organic social media marketing (don’t forget this)!

At DigiHype Media we will help you run your social media advertising campaigns on the most popular social networking websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter! So if you are ready to grow your local business, online store or global corporation, it’s time to start advertising on social media!

Track your online progress with data!

This is an important part of what we do to ensure that you the business owner are aware of what’s happening in their campaigns.

All our clients that are contracted with all our products will receive monthly reports in the following areas: Website Analytics, Social Media, Analytics, Search Engine Optimization Analytics, Google AdWords Analytics.

The information that we provide will show trends that can affect your business and thus your advertising. This helps us to focus on the areas of your business that bring you the greatest Return on Investment

Let us help you optimize your conversions and measure your activity with Analytics. Call DigiHype Media to get set up for Analytics today!

What Makes Us Different

Detailed Overview

As part of our service we can break down the volume of sessions, users, page sessions and average session duration. We can even tell you the amount of pages that were consumed (page consumption) as well as the duration of time spent on your website by the average user. This can be done by telephone or in person depending on location to the GTA.

Monthly Reports

Our monthly reports are sent out at the beginning of every month. All reports are simple and easy to use. The data on these reports are very important for you the business owner when determining or strategizing about marketing your business.

Breakdown of Activity

Our Analytics Reports provide you with insights into the city, location, gender and other demographics, such as new vs. returning visitors and even includes the type of technology used to access your website information, such as mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.

Determine Growth

Our Analytics reports can give you, the business owner, a clear idea of the growth in Organic Search Results on your Website, Improvement in Placement on Google Search Results for your companies SEO, and your companies growth on various Social Media Channels

Implement Strategies

Our Analytics give you an opportunity to fine tune your digital marketing strategy to ensure that you are maximizing your investment and allowing you to get the best possible return on your investment.

Social, Website & SEO

A breakdown of all of your analytics including the direct traffic to your website, to referral traffic, organic search traffic for clients doing SEO with us and social media performance.