Bridging the Gap Between Old Advertising and New Digital Media

“Many business owners still believe that there is a huge gap between the older generation of advertising solutions, like print media, billboards, flyers etc., and the newer generation of digital media. Although some would argue that the older modes of communication as mentioned above don’t work, I would suggest that there is a place for all types of media. Having said that, any business owner caught in the cycle of hoping to get the same results from these traditional types of media today, are in for a big surprise. Let me explain.

I grew up as a marketing person very much during the analog, print and billboard generation. During the 80’s through the early 00’s, this type of media was booming. You were almost guaranteed a solid return on your investment with every dollar that you spent. Times were much simpler and advertising was pretty straightforward. Develop your brand name, make it visible as much as you can, use all the traditional print platforms etc, and you’re golden. You see, and as most of the more experienced business owners can attest to, the more potential client’s saw your name and your brand, the more likely they were to call you and do business with you. Although the whole premise of advertising hasn’t changed, i.e, the more times you see a brand or a brand message, the more likely you are to act or react as a potential buyer. Times however, have changed significantly and over the past 10 years or so we see businesses, ( some very large, established companies) closing their doors after many years. Many of these business closures have been due to the inability of the company to make the necessary and significant change to a digital marketing strategy.

Is your business keeping up with the latest digital trends?

It is challenging to keep up with the trends in the digital marketing industry. From changes in social media trends, to algorithms that change for search and social media almost monthly, to the significant changes in buyer behavior. Take the incredibly fast transition that took place when the Covid 19 pandemic began. Everyone stayed indoors but buying escalated. People who had not purchased online for a myriad of reasons previously were now enjoying the benefits of buying online. By May of 2020, online only companies like Amazon, saw profits soar more than 220% versus the same period the year before. Buyers of online products realized that they could get the same products that they would drive to a mall to purchase, delivered to their home within 24 hours with no delivery fees. Even manufacturing companies got on the gravy train, realizing that they have an untapped online market that they could now stop gap any loss of sales from their bricks and mortar locations. Many of those companies actually made greater profits with the reduction in staffing and full time salaried employees.

Are you ready to transition your business to digital?

But this is not about trends only, but about the transitioning of companies from solely print to a more digital marketing strategy. Here are the areas you need to consider when transitioning to digital. Look at social media and platforms that are tried and true, such as FB, Instagram or even LinkedIn. As well, you should consider building a new website. WordPress is the most recommended website platform and it is one of the most used worldwide. If you want to pursue sales online, then Shopify is one of the best alternatives. As well, you should try to support your organic media on FB etc, with advertising on your social platforms. This will help give you faster lift with your organic posting, giving you a solid foundation. Also consider, if your budget allows, Google AdWords. This will assist you with getting your company name to rise on Google searches. Be aware however, that no one and no company can guarantee front page search results for any company, so be aware and only work with reputable companies, preferably local to your business. I say this as they may understand your market a bit better than a company from another country or overseas. Oh and most importantly, you always get what you pay for. I tell clients that if your expectations are to spend a few dollars and just for long enough to get some sales, then don’t bother, your program will not work. Reputable companies will not assist businesses that are looking for a quick rise in rankings or a huge boost in sales overnight. Slow and steady always wins the race.”

The author, Clint Thompson is the CEO and founder of  DigiHype Media Inc. 

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