4 Year Marketing Transformation Program

Previously a Mississauga based renovation company, that has been focused on the luxury home building and the luxury home renovation market. Within 4 years of being with us, this client has gone from basic renovations to being one of the premier luxury home builders in Mississauga and supported by many of some of the largest real estate firms in their marketplace. Building homes for some of the city’s most famous people.


  • Spent more than $10,000.00 to build a new website with a private developer

  • The developers platform constantly crashed, losing potential customers

  • Updates on the website were very slow to occur and very expensive.

  • The website was not mobile friendly and clients could not open and view the site.

  • The bounce rate on their website was extremely high and clients would not call.

  • Poor, nearly non existent customer service

  • No options for social media marketing

  • Options for SEO too expensive to pursue

  • Client receiving $0 ROI after thousands of dollars invested

Our Solution

  • Develop a new digital strategy

  • Rebuild a new website that was fully mobile and responsive

  • Create and brand all new platforms for social media marketing

  • Create a professional business video to house on their website to showcase their work

  • Create an SEO program to focus on the luxury home renovation market

  • Drive greater amounts of potential clients to their website