Our Co-op Program will give you the tools to succeed in Digital Marketing!

As an insipired graphic designer, I had a chance to work as a Co op student at Digihype media and it was an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot from this place and with this team I improved a lot with my work. With this experience it helped me confirm on what I want to do in Post secondary thanks Digihype!

Past Co-Op Student

I have had the pleasure of partnering with DigiHype and our high school co-op program for almost two years.  Bradley and Clint have been very supportive and encouraging to our students.  They have provided students with a great environment to learn about digital marketing.  It is wonderful to have such a great community partner that believes in giving back to help grow the future.

Past Co-op Teacher

My co-op student had an exceptional experience during her placement at DigiHype Media Inc. Both Clint and Bradley were very supportive and the skills training opportunity offered to the student went far beyond anything the student would see in a classroom. Just want to take this opportunity to thank Clint, Bradley and the Digihype organization for supporting our summer co-op program!

Past Co-op Teacher

Working for DigiHype was a great experience, where I was able to learn about the many facets of digital marketing, while building upon my graphic design, blogging, and web design skills. With a positive working environment with people genuinely concerned about your growth, it was a pleasure to work here!

Past Intern

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to experience a career in the field of social media marketing and graphic design. My Cooperative Education experience has allowed me to further develop my skills in marketing and graphic design. For example, I am now able to communicate information through visuals such as infographics, videos, and memes. I learned about more marketing, but in a recent way through social media. I have also gained further insight about the working environment of a digital media company and this has helped me figure out I want to look more
into this industry for a potential job in the future. Most of all I enjoy, doing many visuals tasks because of my interest in design and to strengthen my skill in this area. Working at DigiHype Media Inc. was a rewarding experience for me and I look forward
to pursuing a career in the field of graphic design and social media marketing.

Past High School Co-Op Student

DigiHype Media Inc has taught me many things about technology and business, but mostly how to use new technological devices. Now I finish tasks faster and adapt better to new devices, which can benefit my use of time at my future career. Overall, I enjoyed my time at DigiHype, gaining new skills in technology which can be of use, since the future is evolving with technology.

Past High school Co-Op Student

3 things I learnt about the creativity and digital marketing at DigiHype Media was: 1. Hashtags are very important for business! They can increase your brand awareness and recognition. 2. The way most articles and blog posts are structured is not just for the aesthetic. Rather, it is structured specifically to guide your eye around the page in a manner that is practically scientific. 3. Marketing is not just about selling your product or service. It’s about making a bond between yourself as a business and your clients.

Past High school Co-Op Student

I learnt how to write to appeal to audiences online, how to work proficiently, and how to deal with issues at the workplace professionally. Also, at DigiHype Media I learnt that in an office environment it’s important to be professional at all times. Keep conversations short in order to let others work and keep things light.

Past High school Co-Op Student

Learning how to create social media checklists, infographics, instagram stories and instagram posts was great. In addition, I enjoyed learning about graphic design in regards to changing colors, sizes and adjusting photos, images and shapes in many different ways.

Past High school Co-Op Student

One thing I learnt in my placement was how to search for articles. I was surprised to learn that a lot content businesses post to their social media pages is curated rather than created themselves. Specifically, a tutorial mentioned that 60% of content is curated while 40% was created by the business.

Past High school Co-Op Student