Co-op placement experience


We asked one of our recent high school co-op students about there experience at DigiHype Media. This is their response in regards to a few simple questions we regularly ask our students at the end of their co-op placement.

Co-Op Placement Experience (A Students Perspective)

3 Things you learnt at your placement?

I learnt how to write to appeal to audiences online, how to work proficiently, and how to deal with issues at the workplace professionally.

3 Things You Learnt about working in an office?

I learnt that in an office environment it’s important to be professional at all times. Keep conversations short in order to let others work and keep things light.

3 Things you learnt about starting and finishing a task or project?

I learnt that you’ve got to be consistent and always push yourself to complete more. If you begin to slow down, you begin to lose motivation, and that makes it hard to finish. Be quick and don’t stall on your work.

3 time management skills/processes you developed?

Take short breaks instead of long ones. It helps to get back into the swing of things! Set yourself a goal to complete before you take a break. Make these goals small, so that they seem doable. This way, you’ll actually make the most progress in the least amount of time!

3 pieces of advice you learnt at Digihype media?

  • Always make sure that there is a balance in terms of what is given and what is returned.
  • Don’t have extended conversations with interviewees or clients.
  • Don’t hold other workers back from doing their work by keeping them in a conversation for too long.

3 things you learnt about the creative/marketing field?

  • Hashtags are very important for business! They can increase your brand awareness and recognition.
  • The way most articles and blog posts are structured is not just for the aesthetic. Rather, it is structured specifically to guide your eye around the page in a manner that is practically scientific.
  • Marketing is not just about selling your product or service. It’s about making a bond between yourself as a business and your clients.

3 reasons why someone should intern/do a co-op placement at DigiHype media?

  • Polite and understanding work environment filled with very kind people.
  • The work is very understandable and teaches you along the way.
  • You learn a lot about the business world through doing co-op at DIgihype

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