Consumer Choice Awards 2022 - DigiHype Media

The Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence has recognized the best local businesses for over 35 years, and DigiHype Media is proud to announce that we have won the best web design agency in the Peel Region!

Being recognized as one of the top-ranked marketing agencies is another milestone we are happy to celebrate together! We have worked hard to create an incredible team that delivers cutting-edge marketing solutions and excellent customer service for companies looking to expand their brand awareness to reach new customers.

Consumer Choice Awards - Website Design Agency

So, what are the Consumer’s Choice Awards?

Established in 1987, the CCA’s recognize business excellence in small and medium businesses throughout Canada! They use statistics and market research to find information that provides consumers with a reference point for top-ranked service providers. Consumers are able to minimize purchasing risk by searching for reputable businesses across 16 major metropolitan areas in Canada.

How does a local business get chosen for the CCA’s?

Winners are chosen based on the merits of their business, including brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and brand excellence. Using a leading AI-driven market research firm, an in-depth consumer evaluation process is done based on unbiased opinions from real-life customers. The list is categorized and refined many times until the top-ranked companies in their industry are determined! 

Why we’re so excited about winning a Consumer’s Choice Award

Obviously winning an award is exciting, but DigiHype is especially excited to win the CCA because it means our company is the BEST OF THE BEST in Peel Region for Web Design! Small and medium business owners can make a difficult decision easier knowing that our company has been highly recommended by real consumers.

We are grateful for each of our amazing clients who have shared this journey with us – this award would not be possible without their confidence in the relationship we have and the work that we do! 

P.S. We don’t only do web design! Contact us today to chat about how we can help you with services like Website Management | Search Engine Optimization | Social Media Marketing | Branding & Graphic Design | Video Production | Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | and Social Media Advertising

The DigiHype team in Mississauga is eager to meet the next local business that wants to get noticed online today! 

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