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We are always looking for talented industry experts to join our marketing, technology and sales teams. So if you love helping businesses get digital then visit our job posting page to apply for a position.



At DigiHype Media we offer a lot of GREAT perks to all of our employees.

Snacks On Deck

Are you a snacker? So are we. That’s why we hook up our employees with some FREE snacks at work.

Flexible Work Hours

Are you still in school, busy with the family or just not a morning person? We offer flexible work hours to all of our employees!

Avoid Burnout

We understand the importance of taking time off to recover from the grind.

A Fun Team Environment

Do you enjoy coming up with new ideas? We do too and that is why we have a fun team environment where team members are pushed to think outside of the box and brainstorm!

Coffee Is Key

Are you a coffee addict? So are we. That’s why we always have coffee in the office and we are also conveniently located by a Mcdonald’s and Tim Hortons.

Education and Personal Growth

DigiHype Media is able to thrive because of our awesome employees. So that is why we understand the importance of continuous learning and education. Thus, that is why we help cover part of the cost of courses with Shaw Academy and a variety of other online schools that you are using to grow your skills for work.

Grow Your Career

Since we are a young company there is a lot of room to grow. So if you are killing it and you stick around for the future,  you will definitely grow with the company.