Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas for Small Businesses

It’s not unusual to see Christmas decorations alongside Halloween costumes, which is why businesses need to get a head start on their holiday marketing. Experts predict that total retail sales for the holiday season will hit record numbers of $1.47 trillion, with a lot of traffic being generated by social media!


Holiday marketing campaigns are a great way to connect with consumers by playing up on the nostalgia of end-of-year celebrations. Social media is a great way for small businesses that lack a large budget to compete with major retailers to get eyeballs on their products and services. 


One of the best ways to reach the most customers is with an omnichannel strategy! With so many social media apps out there, it can be hard for businesses to choose where to put their effort. While you don’t need to be on every social media platform, it can help to be active and present on at least 3 of them. 


A foolproof social media strategy is a great way to deliver quality customer service during a busy time when potential customers can slip through the cracks. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram head up shopping trends, so it’s important for businesses to show up consistently and utilize all of the available features. 


Tips to Use Social Media Apps for Holiday Marketing


Instagram Marketing Ideas

  • Create shoppable posts
  • Tap into User Generated Content
  • Collaborate with niche businesses or influencers to create gift guides


Twitter Marketing Ideas

  • Share limited discounts and sales
  • Feature products in your Twitter Shop
  • Do a countdown for product launches


Pinterest Marketing Ideas

  • Create shoppable product pins
  • Post holiday ideas within your niche – outfits, recipes, decor, etc
  • Offer gift suggestions for different groups – partner, friend, colleagues, etc


Tik Tok Marketing Ideas

  • Put a spin on a trend with your product or service
  • Set up a TikTok Shop
  • Educate your audience with fun trends 


Optimize your holiday social media strategy by choosing the right platforms for your business to advertise your products or services on. Having the right team to connect with your customers is important to have a successful holiday campaign!