How local businesses are shifting from in-store traffic to digital traffic

Woman online shopping on smart phone fashion clothes at home

The new normal comes with new consumer habits! The last two years have been very difficult for local businesses – with the unpredictable lockdowns, supply chain issues, and shifting business landscape, it’s no wonder that so many local businesses were forced to shut down. 

While some businesses closed, others pivoted when they realized the benefit of having an e-commerce website. By offering a great experience with an online store, they were able to reach new customers around the world! 

The effects the pandemic has had on consumer behaviour are expected to continue, which means many business owners should consider moving their business online as well! 

Identify customer needs 

 67% of consumers reported that COVID changed their shopping habits.  Customers now have more access to information about products and services they want, which means you need to show that you can solve their buyer concerns. Using social media to communicate with your customers can improve brand awareness!

Create a Consistent Brand Experience

Consumers expect to go from searching for an item to purchasing a product in as few steps as possible. Create an omnichannel experience that provides a customer with a seamless and smooth experience across all channels, from social media platforms to checking out on an e-commerce website

Create a Connection with Your Customers

Brand loyalty has shifted as people experienced a lack of access or supply shortages, and social media influenced purchasing decisions. 80% of consumers reported buying different brands because of the pandemic, with many customers supporting local businesses and sustainable options that align with their values.

These days, it isn’t enough to rely on word of mouth or the yellow pages for people to find your business – you need to be online, showing off your business’ unique solution to customer problems! 

Shifting a business online can be a time-consuming process, but it is an investment that has a high return! Contact DigiHype Media today to chat about the possibilities for your Canadian business to grow

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