How It All Started - An Interview with the CEO of DigiHype Media Inc.

Behind the Scenes with Clint Thompson the CEO of DigiHype Media Inc.

We sat down with the CEO of DigiHype Media Inc. in Mississauga to give you all some behind the scene details about why the company was started and what makes DigiHype Media Inc. unique. This interview with our very own CEO, Clint Thompson was a lot of fun, enjoy!

Why did you start DigiHype Media Inc.?

To fill the need in the local Greater Toronto Area & Mississauga market for local digital marketing with in-house support and expertise.

What makes DigiHype Media different from competitors?

We build what we sell and we do it out of our office in Mississauga. This allows us to ensure a high-quality service at affordable pricing.

How are you impacting the community as a business?

Our impact is realized by clients that come on board with us. We are able to assist small and medium-sized businesses with more customized services and bundle packages that they would not ordinarily be able to acquire all in one place. Also, we can complete projects much faster than our larger counterparts. Just think of how great our customers feel when they actually know their web developer or their social media coordinator by name. Better yet, they can sit down at our office with them to go over or to tweak their program.ย 

Why should people hire DigiHype Media to manage their marketing?

People should consider hiring us if they are looking to create a digital footprint for their business. We can assist businesses in reaching their target market on multiple platforms. We are an advertising firm without the cappuccino ๐Ÿ™‚ your product is top-notch and very customized, but not your coffee. lol

Do you do anything to give back?

Yes, we do. We have been involved and continue to be involved in the community. We are an ongoing sponsor for the silent auction for stars on the credit, a charity organization that supports the trillium health partners as well as organizations such as Erin Oak Kids Center for Treatment and Developmentย 

We also feel it’s important to assist young and upcoming kids in completing high school and even college and university. We do this by offering an ongoing internships and cooperatives with different schools in Mississauga and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. In many cases, many of the individuals go on to great careers in some form of digital marketing, and in some cases, we hire them because they are trained so well.

What is one thing you have learned since starting?

Well, I’ve learned many things, the most important of which is that your business goals and reality don’t always align. With this, I am speaking to the constant changes in the digital marketing world and technology changes that affect everyone, including us at DigiHype media. The upside is that it pushes us to be more creative and to innovate a bit more. We still focus on offering the highest level of service to our clients but with the most up to date methods of marketing, such as influencer marketing, an area that has grown tremendously over the last few years.

What advice would you give to a business that doesn’t know where to start when it comes to digital marketing?

My advice would be to first get someone like our organization to come in and to do a full digital analysis of where their company exists online. Find out where they are striving and where they may be struggling to find new business. We assist all of our new clients with this and all it costs our clients is an hour or so of their time. Once we deliver the analysis report, that business will know exactly what their options are in order to improve their business and ultimately their bottom line. And this analysis is free for us to deliver.ย 

How can businesses make an informed decision?

Do your research. Ask questions such as the following:

  1. When I use your company for digital marketing at the end of my contract, will I still own my online properties? Believe it or not many companies do not release websites, social media platforms etc back to clients at the end of their term and if they do not continue. We certainly do and we’re happy to do so.
  2. What is the process for building my website? Is the website built at your location or is it outsourced somewhere else? This may not seem like a big deal, however, try dealing with a 3rd party out of town or out of the country, it’s not a pleasant experience. Assuming of course if you can actually speak to your developer.
  3. What is the company’s expertise? We work on all digital areas but many companies and independent developers working from home do not. Ask, how many websites have they built, we’ve built hundreds. Ask how many social media clients have they assisted, we’ve again supported and continue to support hundreds. Ask about their retention rate for their clients. Do they keep their clients beyond their contracted period? We’ve been fortunate, we keep most of our clients beyond when they originally contracted with us and there are many reasons for this. Some of which are quality of service, high level of results and roi and in many cases clients know that “their team” (and many businesses email our staff as such,) is available to help them and can sit down at any given time to simply discuss their ongoing needs. Go figure, what a novel concept, being available for your clients, but we certainly are, all day, every day.

Is there anything you want to improve?

We’re always working to improve our processes and even some of our technology. We must do this in order to provide a quality product that is cutting edge. Beyond this, we also look at giving back to our clients through long term loyalty discounts (prices go down every year, not up), our patriot’s discounts for those that go away and come back to us and even for long term clients who receive a new website build every fourth year with us. We do a lot of things for our clients but we know we are not perfect and we always try to improve.


If you want to learn more about Clint Thompson and DigiHype Media Inc. feel free to contact us now or learn more about us on the website.ย