How to Craft A Professional Twitter Tweet

Brief Overview:

The “How to Craft A Professional Twitter Tweet” checklist will help you create tweets that are both professional and intriguing in order to increase engagement with your followers!

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Spell Check

Ensuring that all words in your tweet are spelled correctly displays professionalism and organization.

Question & Answer

Asking a question and providing an answer will lead your followers to read the whole tweet and potentially increase engagement.

Drive Traffic To the Business Website

After your main sentence, you’ll want to link your business to get your audience to learn more about your services. This should be the ultimate goal of your tweet.

Include an Image

The image you include will be used to simply catch the eye of someone passing by. However, the image is not the sole focus of your tweet (in most cases). But the photo should relate to the content of your tweet while giving further context.

Short and Sweet

Twitter allows 280 characters in a post, use them wisely. Long posts tend to get ignored (more to read). However, 1 or 2 sentences will keep your followers intrigued!

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are an important tool that when utilized properly, can greatly increase the reach of your tweets. Use 3-5 hashtags that are relevant to your post to increase exposure.

Utilize Twitter Analytics

Monitor the analytics from your previous tweets, and use the information to your advantage. Analytics can help you learn more about the best time to tweet, your audiences demographic, and your average reach or impressions.

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