Nowadays, owning a company and possessing a Facebook’s page are two things hardly to separate. This platform -and almost all the others such as Twitter or Instagram- has become some kind of a pillar within companies which developed year after year a special department bringing together every social media. However, the hardest step is obviously not the creation of the page but its maintenance. These following tricks will help you to be an excellent community manager:

  • First step – Be active

“The chef can be very innovative, but the decision is made by the customer.” – Barry Lam. Even if your trademark is pretty good, every business need a proximity with its customers, and on the social media even more. You have to be close with, post something at least once a day, reply to all their concerns or questions as fast as you can. The customer is always right even on Internet!

  • Second step – Used the correct hashtags

The best hashtags are the shortest ones. No matter your business sector, every hashtag shall be one or two words MAXIMUM. If, for example, your crew ate at Tim Hortons and you want to share it online on your page, use “#restaurant #TimHortons” instead of “#restaurantTimHortons” because both first hashtags will have more visibility than the last one, given that they are often preferred. Furthermore, do not hesitate to have a look at trendy’s hashtags, those which are more viewed by the users.

  • Third step – Adapt yourself to your public

Thanks to all the tools that we have at our disposal, get statistics about your Facebook page is fundamental and easy to do. From there, gathering important informations can help you to understand your customer’s expectations in terms of content and therefore improving your site views/likes/comments – basically, your reputation.

  • Fourth step – Involve your close relations

You can easily use Facebook as a domino effect: if you ask all your Facebook friends, or even a minor part of them to share and like your page, then they ask their friends etc… you will have your first customer’s base who can possibly be consistent if everyone just play along. It’s always better to start developing your Facebook page with many tens or hundreds of people than only a few.

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