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Brief Overview:

This awesome FREE video production checklist will help you create and market a promotional video for your business and gain traction online!


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Video Production & Promotion Checklist:

  • Find an appropriate location:
    • Look for a place that suits your message the best. For example, if you are talking about protecting the environment, find a forest to properly match your message.
  • Setup proper lighting and sound equipment:
    • Production quality is important in a video, the higher the quality the more professional you appear! 
  • Educate your audience:
    • Offering helpful information, tips or advice to your viewers can be more effective than just making a promotional video.
  • Add music to convey emotion:
    • Finding the right music for your video can make it more exciting and engaging. But just make sure you use Royalty Free music that you have rights to use!
  • Keep the video short:
    • In modern society, people on social media have short attention spans. Therefore,  sometimes shorter videos are better than long ones. At DigiHype Media, we offer clients short videos called “Burst Videos”!
  • Use a professional voice:
    • From good lighting to sound, everything should be consistent, even the one who is speaking. Make sure you choose someone with a clear voice who is confident in his/her role.
  • Build hype around the video launch:
    • By pre-posting on your social media and website, people will be aware of what is to come with your business and could create a buzz around your upcoming video
  • Embed your video in landing pages:
    • This is a great way to increase your views while keeping people on your website! In addition, it has the potential to improve SEO because it will give viewers rich content in a different medium.

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Download The Video Production & Promotion Checklist:

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How to produce and Promote a business video

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