In our society, we have more than 500 million users on Instagram. As a result, companies must be present on social media to engage with their customers. That’s because Instagram allows companies to interact with potential and current clients seamlessly.

So if you want to have a better presence on Instagram here are some tips.

Some advice to be more influential on Instagram

  • First, you must create an account. Be sure that all elements of your brand are present (logo, slogan, website link, description…etc.).
  • After that, you will need to define your content. Three criteria’s must be met: quality, creativity and relevance.
  • Quality: Your Instagram account will be the showcase of your company and that’s why quality is a must. Several applications allow optimization such as Boomerang, Layout, Line Camera, PicLab or Color Splash.
  • Creativity: It will not suffice to simply focus on the company’s products, is important to showcase lifestyle and share customer experiences.
  • Relevance: Obviously, relevance is about the underline message, so you must remain professional and the message be understood.
  • So make sure you’re always engaging with your community, exchanging, sharing or creating hashtags, commenting, liking and mentioning. This will allow your company to create brand awareness. Finally, it is necessary to post regularly, as it shows your company presence daily.

Quick tip for engaging your customers

  • One quick tip to engage with your customers on Instagram is by doing a photo contest.
  • Once you have launched your photo contest, publish on Instagram and give your followers a reason to participate.
  • One idea for a prize is giving your following a discount/free product promo code.
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