Introducing DigiHype Express for Small Businesses and Startups!

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing – at least, not when you’re first starting out. 

As a small business owner, your time and energy are precious – and when time literally equals money, you don’t have any to waste! Traditional digital marketing agencies can involve a lot of back-and-forth when trying to create a completely customized and unique digital presence. 

That’s why we created DigiHype Express: our a la carte service that allows small business owners to pick and choose what marketing package they need, without the big price tags!

Affordable Digital Marketing by professionals!

Any business owner worth their salt understands the importance of having a digital portfolio – if your business can be found online, it’s more likely to bring in new customers! Not having some kind of digital presence is leaving money on the table. 

And you are NOT the kind of CEO who leaves money on the table!

We offer: 

So how does it work?

Unlike traditional agencies, DigiHype Express offers a less hands-on approach in an effort to trim down time (and maximize your savings!). 

You get access to the same team from the DigiHype Digital Marketing Agency, which means the same great expertise that has helped so many businesses over the last 8 years grow online. 

The difference? Simply click “Add To Cart” on the starter service you require, and fill in the e-form with any information our web development and social media experts will need to know. Within 5-10 business days, we create your templated website or social media posts! 

We’ve eliminated the time-consuming back-and-forth that often happens between businesses and marketing agencies, taking up valuable time you can’t afford to lose. Remember, time=money for entrepreneurs! Our team of marketing specialists will deliver professional digital marketing services to help your business reach new customers.

I’m ready to get started!

Perfect, because so are we! Check out our list of available social marketing, e-commerce and website development, business logo and SEO packages. We’re excited to work with you! 

Still need more info? Check our FAQ page!