It's Time To Get Your Company A Modern WordPress Website

Are You Managing Your Website?

Time is always of the essence when it comes to managing your website.

It’s 2019 and over the past 5 years, we continue to see changes in the online landscape with regards to websites and any company’s digital marketing. Although one thing stays the same, websites built with responsive technology, should still be at the forefront of any company’s marketing program. Beyond this, there are other factors that effectively help or hurt your rise in the ranks on the likes of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Now, we’re not talking about SEO, or Social Media Marketing or even Branding, all of which are very important to be seen online. These are very important today, however, this topic is focusing only on websites and the activities you need to seriously consider.

How To Manage Your WordPress Website

So for this blog, let’s discuss, building and keeping your WordPress website up to date and new! Start with the basics, build a website with current technology. Too often I’ve seen clients who prefer to update their old WordPress website that was built 3 or 4 years prior. In fact, I have seen clients invest (with other firms) thousands of dollars to update a website that wasn’t performing in the first place. This is not a good idea, simply because, if your website has not received the required updates to the back-end, or has not had any updates to the content, then you are promoting, “Old News” in the eyes of search engines. Have you ever wondered why some new companies websites start to rank faster than your own, even though they are seemingly inexperienced and new in the marketplace? A very likely reason for this in the outset is the fact that the technology that is being used is up to date and the business is taking advantage of adding new, fresh content. This enhances their relevance to the end user and thus to the search engines. You see, new content and creating content is a big part of building trust with search engines. The more they see relevant content added to your website and the more often they see it, the better they tend to favour your company in search results.

So take the time to expand on your services and the relevance you provide in the marketplace. It could make a significant difference to your current results online.

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