DigiHype Media’s Mississauga Thanksgiving Food Drive! - Mayor Crombie's Annual Food Drive

Every year since taking her position as Mayor of Mississauga, Mayor Crombie has launched an annual Thanksgiving Food-Drive Challenge to receive donations so that everyone in our community will have a warm meal during the holiday season! Digihype Media is proud to be a participating member of this initiative and we’ll tell you everything you need to know if you want to be part of this charitable challenge.

What is the Food-Drive Challenge?

Mayor Crombie has collaborated with the Mississauga Food Bank as well as with the Fire and Emergency Services to launch this challenge. The event runs from September 17th – October 20th and asks residents to drop off non-perishable food items at the nearest fire station or the Mississauga Food Bank. Mayor Crombie has successfully launched this charitable event since her inception into office in 2014! Many residents of Mississauga recognize this initiative as a key contributor to supporting the members of our community who are struggling with poverty.

Why You Should Donate To Mayor Crombie’s Challenge!

Approximately 15% of Mississauga residents are living in poverty and struggle to buy groceries for their family each month. The Mississauga Food Bank is the central food bank in Mississauga and their vision is to create a Mississauga Where No One Goes Hungry. This event has been a success annually and if the Mayor’s overall goal is achieved for this time period then it would mean that over $1.3 million and 1.25 million pounds of food will be raised since the campaign was launched by Mayor Crombie!

How You Can Help Digihype Media?

As Digihype Media is a participating member, you can also drop off your items at our office in Mississauga and we’ll make sure they get to those in need. We are collecting donations from now until October 20th for Mayor Crombie’s Thanksgiving food drive. Drop all your non-perishable items at our office located at 5659 McAdam Rd. You can drop food off Monday-Friday between 9am-4pm. Let’s try to reach our goal for 400 pounds of food & create a Mississauga where no one goes hungry! Our participation is through our support for the Corporate Challenge where companies will raise as much donations as possible to determine the winner but the real incentive for us is helping our local community in any way we can!

Donate To Your Community Now!

Pay us a visit to drop off your donations and if you have any questions or concerns, leave us a message in the comments!

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