Mobile Phones Have Changed Our Lives

We live in a world of connectivity. Everywhere we go and with everything, we do we have our faithful sidekick the smartphone. It’s almost hard to believe that the cell phone was only invented in 1973. Back then a Motorola employee Martin Cooper a senior engineer at Motorola at the time, called a rival telecommunications company Bell Labs in New Jersey as he stood in midtown Manhattan to tell them he was speaking to them via a mobile phone. This was the first cell phone call ever made. We’d all agree a lot has changed since then.

From that 1.1 Kg phone, which in 1983 went on sale for a staggering $4,000.00 each, to today with the advent of smartphones, we see a remarkable change in the way we communicate and how dependent we are on this technology.
From a technology perspective, smartphones rely on more than 250,000 separate patents today and more than 27% of up-streaming web traffic occurs on mobile phones alone. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, up to 67% of smartphone owners use their phones to share pictures, videos or commentary on events happening in their community with 35% doing so frequently.

Today the reality is that we can’t seem to live without this ever-improving technology. More persons use their cell phone than their desktop computer, in fact, mobile now represents 65% of our overall digital media time.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting technology!

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