• Customer’s loyalty

Social networking website are an excellent way to increase your customer’s loyalty, it allows your audience to follow your information on their favourite platform, rather than restricting them to your website, so you indirectly increase your regular audience.

  • Social networking website are powerful prospecting lever

Thanks to the snowball effects, users of social networks can prove to be benefactors for your business, a message delivered by a knowledge has a much greater force than that delivered by an institution promoting it.

  • Social networks influence your SEO

Nowadays, with our current knowledge and tests carried out at the SEO level, it is clear that social networks are playing an increasingly important role in the Google positioning algorithm and are therefore among the factors to be taken into account for SEO.

  • A way to get testimonials and recommendations

In addition to the previous advantages they have, they also help improve your e-reputation by developing your notoriety, your expertise and by highlighting testimonials from your customers that are an extremely reassuring element for your prospects.

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