The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media

This is a term that you hear a lot today and it does ring true. Did you know that 74% of all internet users are on social media today? As for platforms, Facebook is the most popular with Twitter and Google+ close behind. As well, and from a demographic perspective, 18-29 year olds use social media sites the most, but interestingly enough the numbers within the 30+ age group is climbing fast. In addition and probably most interesting is that 25% of Facebook users don’t bother with privacy settings. For an advertiser or for a business posting information it opens up huge amount of opportunity and will allow this group of Facebook users to see all your ads and posts that are unblocked.

Increase your exposure

Did you know that over 95% of businesses who allocated at least 6 hours per week to their social media campaigns, saw an increase in exposure within a year? These businesses saw a large leap in sales and customers over time and benefited by improving their personal connections with their customers.

Finding new customers

In 2013 a reported 52% of marketers found new customers via Facebook and 43% found new customers via LinkedIn. This confirms that social media gives business a chance to connect with customers who are looking for products or services but don’t know where to look. Every second, 2 new members join LinkedIn.

More chances to convert

Every post you make on your social media page, the more recognition your business will get. When you gain a following, people will look for information about your products and news. Your company will gain more chances and will grow with every post and click. Now with click to buy buttons on social media, it’s even easier for your customers to buy from you.

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