We are thrilled to announce that DigiHype Media has been recognized as one of the Top 3 Advertising Agencies in Mississauga for 2019. We’d like to say thank you to all of our customers for their support and trust over the past 5 years and to all of our team members for making this achievement possible.

Thank you very much! 😀 In this article, we’ll talk a bit about our values and how they got us here!

Customer Oriented

In the 5+ years that Digihype Media has been in business, our main focus has always been to focus on our customers and their needs to ensure that they are always satisfied. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with customers to market their businesses efficiently in a way where our skilled professionals have taken the customer’s ideas, as well as our own, and turned them into successful marketing campaigns. We do not outsource our work and as a result, we are fully committed to bringing your business’ digital persona to life!

Affordable Pricing

We’re a small, local company who isn’t trying to have our customers break their banks for our services. From day one, our prices have given us a competitive edge as many local businesses have placed their trust in us to provide consistent, quality service without them having paying a ridiculous price (compared to many of our competitor’s). This has given us the reputation that at DigiHype Media we genuinely care about your company’s online presence and success!

Highly Dedicated Team

We’ve already highlighted that we’re a small company but that has not gotten in the way of our efficiency despite the increasing demand from our customers. To date, we have been able to build over 200 websites as well as more than 400 social media profiles for various companies and we consistently monitor and update all of our projects to maintain customer satisfaction. Those statistics highlight just how dedicated and efficient our team is on a daily basis!

Thank You For Your Support!

This achievement would not be possible without your help! Our customers have been the key to our success and this recognition emphasizes why we focus so much on customer satisfaction and we will continue to do so for our existing and future clients!

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