Website Maintenance And Updates

Many businesses believe that the only thing that matters when going digital is a good website. This is very important part of the marketing mix, however even more important is the ability to ensure that your website information is constantly up to date. No longer is it acceptable to build a website today and let it sit idle for years at a time with no new information. It is important to be aware that continuously updating your information on your website makes a favourable impression on the search engines. New content, including photos, videos and written information is a valuable source of new content for search engines and for your clients.

With the need to deliver your message in an up to date and crisp way, the message you delivered 12 months ago may be irrelevant today and so a new message needs to be delivered replacing the old. Although your service or product may not have changed much over the time period, you need to ensure your information is fresh for anyone using search. At DigiHype Media, we have many clients that make continuous and almost monthly changes to their website and we love it! We remind our clients of the importance of fresh new content. These changes take very little time but the impact could be profound to anyone looking for relevant information.

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