Are you looking to update an existing website?

If you have had a WordPress or Shopify website recently developed but you need help managing, updating and hosting it; we are here to help! Our website development team can help you keep your businesses website or e-commerce store updated & relevant.

Are you ready to refresh your website’s content?

DigHype Media will help you keep your website updated and relevant.

What Makes Us Different

Update Your Websites Content

If you want your customers to keep coming back you have to keep your website updated with fresh content!

Update Design & Graphics

Are you looking to add some new graphics to your website or maybe a new homepage slider? We can help you make it happen!

Website Hosting

We offer secure WordPress website hosting which will help you keep your website live and accessible around the world.

Website Backups

If we are hosting and managing your website we will make sure we have secure backups just in case we ever need it.

Add An SSL To Your Website

If you want are planning to process payments or collect quotes from forms having an SSL is essential. We can help you add an SSL (Secure socket layer) to your website make it secure and accessible from website browsers (without the browser security warning)

E-Commerce Store Updates

Do you have an existing e-commerce website on WordPress or Shopify? We can help you keep it relevant by updating your products, services and inventory.