Why Businesses Need To be Active On Social Media

In this episode, we will be talking about when businesses need to be active on social media in 2019. There is no excuse, get on social media because that is where your customers are spending their time!


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Episode Overview

Why do businesses need social media marketing?
To contact new potential clients
To Interact with new potential clients
To Influence new potential clients

Why Businesses Need Social Media.
More than 650,000 new businesses formed per year
More than 6 million new businesses every 10 years
More than 97.9 % of those businesses in Canada are Small and Medium-sized businesses

Facebook and Usage
2.3 Billion members
1.1 billion speak English
68% of Americans use FB, so more than 280 million Americans
66% use Facebook daily
41% are over 65 years old with larger disposable incomes

Instagram and usage facts
Over 1 billion active users
71% of these users are under 35 years old
More than 71% of businesses use Instagram to promote your brand

Twitter and usage facts
275 million active users
200 character count is short and sweet for promo messages
Easy platform to gain followers


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