Why Your Canadian Business Needs A Custom Website

In a world where 85% of shoppers read reviews or research before making a purchase, your business MUST be online! If it isn’t, people won’t find you when they look up the service you offer before deciding which company to purchase from or work with. 

There are so many benefits beyond being findable that your business gets when you have a website:

  • Showcase your unique brand to communicate with new and existing customers
  • Get organic leads from an SEO-optimized website
  • Utilize digital marketing for customer service 

Deciding to make a website for your business is a no-brainer…but HOW you make the website can be a tougher decision to make! It all depends on what you need for your business!

Using a Website Builder with Templates

You can find easy-to-use templates to quickly build a website at a lower cost and time commitment than outsourcing! The downside is those templates are not unique, and give you limited control over the functions and customer experience on your website. Your data can be at risk of being hacked because it isn’t protected, and as your business grows it can be difficult to change your website to scale with it. 


The pros and cons of using a website builder


We may seem biased as a digital marketing agency, but if you truly want your Canadian business to stand out, we recommend investing in a custom website build!

Investing in a Custom Website Design

Building a custom website for your business has a higher up-front cost than using a website builder with templates, but the ROI is even higher! With a customized website, you have more control over the functionality of your website so you can provide a better customer experience. 

Working with a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design helps you reach more customers with a search engine optimization strategy that gets your business noticed on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! 


Why Your Canadian Business Needs A Custom Website - pros and cons


When you’re ready to invest in a custom website design for your small or medium-sized business, contact DigiHype Media!


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